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What is is your place for original funny short videos on the internet.  Be sure to check back often because will be updated with new videos and content on a weekly basis!  Also, sign-up for the Newsletter, shop official merchandise at the Store, and post your own thoughts on one of the Message Boards!

I can’t get any videos to work, what should I do?
Get the Get the latest version of Flash.  If that still doesn’t work get a new computer, use a friend’s computer, or just go to the library or something.  We really don’t care how you watch our videos, just as long as you do!

Who are Matt and Todd?
Matt and Todd are the owners and creative personalities behind and can be contacted by CLICKING HERE.

You guys suck, what should I do?
Cram it.

What’s your newsletter all about?
Sign up for the newsletter to receive updates, get awesome deals from the Tycoon Studios Store, and get access to exclusive videos and content!

Who should I contact with a question about the Store?
We only create the design content of the items sold in the Store.  For all questions about that please contact

I have a funny idea, will you guys make it?
No, Matt and Todd create and develop all their own ideas.  Unfortunately, for legal reasons we cannot and will not accept any idea submissions.

How often do you put up new videos and content? is updated weekly, so be sure to check back often for new funny stuff!